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Financial Focus - Winter

Welcome to Financial Focus Winter edition. I hope you find the below articles interesting and informative.

In this edition we look at tips on managing an inheritance. and making redundancy work for you. There is also a handy little budget calculator in this article.

We provide some insight into what your Will doesn't cover.

Lastly we look at planning ahead to help your parents or yourselves enjoy the best possible lifestyle.

Prefer a printable pdf version - click to download Winter Financial Focus PDF.

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Charmaine Curtain

Coming into an inheritance: key considerations

Here are some tips on how to manage an inheritance.

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Navigating redundancy: make it work for you

Redundancy, unfortunately, affects more and more Australians. With the right approach and professional advice, however, it could open up opportunities and work in your favour.

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Estate planning: what your will doesn't cover

Most of us think of estate planning as simply writing a will. However, ensuring your assets are distributed according to your exact wishes after you pass away can be more complicated than that.

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Plan ahead for the aged care you want, for your parents

Helping parents make the transition into supported living can be challenging, but forward planning and open communication can help everyone. Here are some things to consider together.

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