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Elly's wedding, 10 tips for market volatility and franking credits

In this months newsletter, we'd like to share with you Elly's recent wedding and take this opportunity to congratulate Elly and Mo on their marriage. We were fortunate to attend this lovely wedding and experience the celebration of two wonderful cultures and two beautiful people as they commit to a life together. A number of you have asked to see some photos so Elly would love to share this one with you.

A number of you have been asking how the recent franking credit proposed policy may affect you and we have included some information about the proposals. We will be reviewing this further as it becomes clearer and it may not even eventuate as it is not that popular.

10 tips for market volatility is also a feature as we continue to experience a bumpy start to the year on the back of a positive 2017.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me.