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The Balancing Act

In this months newsletter we focus on the markets and the never-ending story of diversification.

One of the problems with how we think about our investments is that we are encouraged by the media to think it is all about equities. This is natural. Shares are more newsworthy because they bounce around more than bonds and are more closely linked to the ups and downs of corporate news. But this focus on shares encourages us to think in black and white terms about the market. If your New Year’s Resolution is to take some risk off the table, don’t overdo it and don’t swap one unbalanced portfolio full of equities for another stuffed full of cash. At this uncertain point in the cycle you can’t be too diversified.

We hope you find the articles of interest and if you have any questions at all, please give me a call.

Please also find a copy of our latest Financial Services Guide for your information.