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Financial year market wrap, planning your retirement and finance education for young people.

With the second part of the year upon us already, in this Newsletter, we feature John Owen, who many of you know, with his financial year market wrap. We have also included Bob's recent market update. Even with the pleasing returns over the last financial year, positioning your portfolio defensively is still fundamental for the long term.

Also included is an article that outlines some tips/strategies for transitioning to retirement.

My son Ethan, turns 17 at the end of this year, has his Learners and is saving for a car. Hard to believe how time flies. Driving lessons have been interesting! Ethan has had the value of compound interest and paying yourself first drummed into him at a very early age and whilst he blew his first pay packet from his part time job, it seems that this teenager does listen to some things I say.

Good financial literacy should start early and we have included an article that may prompt you to have conversations about money with young people early.

We hope you get something out of these articles and if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please give me a call.